Disposable Virus Sampling Swab Kit
Uses: This product is suitable for the collection and transportation of human respiratory samples.

It usually consists of a sterile swab, a collection tube containing 0.9% saline, and a biosafety bag (with absorbent paper).

Flocked Swabs-collect and release more secretions and cellular 
material than traditional swabs 
*Sample elutes instantaneously into medium 
*Less QNS rejection with DFA +
*Ergonomic, anatomic and quantitative 

Flocked Swab

*Ergonomic And Anatomic Design
For improved patient comfort and efficiency in cell specimen collection.

*Increased Assay Sensitivity
Flocked Swabs are proven to elute >95% of the original sample rapidly thus easily resulting in improved assay sensitivity.

*Simply Collect, Snap And Ship
Peel open the pouch, collect the cell specimen and snap the applicator shaft into the Transport Medium or Cuvette-tube provided.

*Certified Free Of Inhibitors And Interference
Our flocked swabares trictly sterilized and certified free of DNase, RNase and Human DNA and PCR inhibitors.

*Highly Suited To Automation
Sample eluted in liquid format finally is accessible to Liquid Based Microbiology and automation in the laboratories.

Flocked swab head
Flocked Swab