Intended for
Ease of use to achieve patient hemostasis, with simplified operation and clear indications.


Medical grade silicone safe for blood contact.
Clear dial provides easy monitoring of puncture site.

Pressure indication, convenient to adjust compression pressure for nursing staff.

Curved surface silicone available, less pressure achieving vascular hemostasis, more comfortable for patient.

Comfortable band, available in three size: 18cm, 22cm, 26cm.

Instruction for Use
  • Open the package and remove the compression device.

  • Loosen the Velcro tab and pass the compression device over the hand.
  • Align the centre of pressure plate with a gauze pad over the sheath access point, pull the fixing strap tight and secure using the Velcro tab.
  • Slowly remove the sheath while turning the rotator clockwise. Continue tightening the rotator until hemostasis is achieved.
Note: Do not fasten the rotator too tightly.
Note: Recommended pressing force is 15N (newton, absolute unit of force, abbreviated “N”), and
varies from patient to patient,overall pressing force shall not exceed 20N (newton). Adjust while observing the red O ring, which indicates the clear pressure force (N). Pressure force is determined by the top of red O ring.
  • Take care not to overtighten the device. It is advisable to retain some pulse.

  • The compression device can be loosened every 10-15 minutes, by turning the rotator counterclockwise 3-5N(newton) each time while ensuring hemostasis is maintained. If bleeding occurs during loosening of the pressure plate, tighten the pressure plate to restore hemostasis; reassess radial artery patency by performing the reverse Barbeau test. Wait 15-30 minutes before resuming loose.

  • Once all pressure has been released ensure all bleeding has stopped before removing the device.

  • Once full hemostatis is achieved, withdraw the pressure plate back to the strap plate using the rotator. Undo the Velcro and remove the compression device completely.

  • Discard the compression device in accordance with medical waste protocols after use.