This product is a single head stethoscope, including earplugs, earhook,spring piece, tee,tubing,flat stethoscope head. Customizable in any color it can be used medically to collect and amplify sounds from the heart,lungs,arteriesveins,and other internal organs.Each individual product is individually packaged in a box for easy portability and storage.

Flat diaphragms

Comfort sealing eartips

Dual-lumen tubing creates individual, uninterrupted sound channels to each ear


Excellent acoustic clarity and durability

Providing excellent sound quality, durability and comfort for the practicing professional-they're lightweight and can be custom fitted via adjustable binaurals and ea仆ips-perfect for listening to cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular sounds.

  • open the box to check and inventory whether the missing pieces, broken.

  • Adjust the tightness of the spring according to the size of your face; hand-held ear hanging to the two sides of the open adjustable loose (vice versa will become tight), adjusted to bring the pressure on the rear more comfortable so far.
  • Check whether the diaphragm of the stethoscope head is loose, if the diaphragm is loose, tighten the threaded ring to fix the diaphragm with appropriate strength.
                       Correct       Inorrect  
  • single-sided stethoscope can be directly auscultated.

  • Orientation of the Headset

  • The binaurals (eartubes) are angled at 15° to permit a comfortable, acoustically sealed aural fit. Eartips should point forward, towards the bridge of the nose to fit properly. 

  • Adjusting the Spring Tension in the Headset

  • To reduce the tension, grip the binaurals firmly using both hands with fingers at the center of the "Y" in the tubing, thumbs at each side where the tubing branches out. Flex binaurals gradually until the desired tension is obtained.

  • To increase the tension, grip the binaurals in the hand and squeeze the binaural tubes together gradually.

  • CAUTION: Excessive adjustment could weaken the spring!
  • REMARK: Dual head stethoscope is also available!