Smart Cell Block System (BK-TYPE01) 
Advanced micro cell enrichment technology
It only takes 10-15 minutes to enrich the cells into a cell mass, which is tightly aggregated and does not spread out.
Improve efficiency
Easy to operate, 12 servings can be completed in half an hour, which can replace manual work and improve experimental efficiency.
Good compatibility
Can use various specifications of centrifuge tubes (1.5ml-50ml); can handle most types of cytology samples.

The same instrument completes sample pretreatment, cell enrichment, and reagent thawing.
Safety and environmental protection:
Care for the health of operators, the reagents used do not contain irritating ingredients; The equipment has  the function of misoperation  protection,  and can display equipment failure information, which is convenient for judgment and maintenance.

Technical Specification
Device can be used for Cell blocks preparation (≧12servings /time)
Working Status:
Can heat up to over 40 ℃
Temperature control accuracy:
Operating Voltage:
AC220V AC Frequency:50Hz;16A
Rotational speed control accuracy:
Maximum Rotational Speed:
Noise level
Maximum Centrifugal Force:
Operating temperature:
5°C~40°C indoor relative humidity:≤80%
12 servings/time,Fits centrifuge tubes with following size 1.5mL、2mL、5mL、10mL、15mL、50mL
Atmospheric pressure: