Full-Auto Slide Stainer & Coverslipper GSM230
Flexible and Efficient
One round can be performed continuously, with new samples added at any time, you can complete the process within approximately 40 min.
Space saving
Small in size and adaptable to various sites and environment.
Intelligent and precise control
It incorporates specific design elements to ensure effciency and quality in laboratory workflows. 
These features include:
·Special Material Dyeing Rack is capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 90 ℃;
·Reagent Management Function reminds users to replace reagents in a timely manner. The main interface displays different colors to allow users to easily track and manage reagent usage;
·Real-time Detection of Glue Spray Needle Position ensures accurate and precise appli-cation of coverslipping agents;
·Intelligent Detection of Cover Glass helps prevent issues such as incomplete sealing or the use of slides with missing cover glass;
·Horizontal Push-Type Take-up ensures debris-free and leak-proof handling of the slides;
·Slide Return to Original Staining Rack eliminates the production of empty racks, streamlining the workflow and maximizing efficiency;
·Arc Pressing to Avoid Air Bubbles helps achieve optimal coverslipping quality and enhances the overall visual appearance of the slides;
·Linear Glue Dripping minimizes waste and maintains the cleanliness of the slides and surrounding area.

Staining and coverslipping
By integrating staining and coverslipping into one device, you can save time and effort.
Environmental protection safety
It can provide a safer working environ-ment for operators without generating harmful gases or waste liquids
*Only when used with Bio-environmental dewaxing solution of Gene Science
Non-volatile memory
It allows users to choose whether to continue with the interrupted staining process or start over after power is restored.

Technical Specification
Cap speed:
800 pieces/hour
Opera ting mode:
Staining & coverslipping/ Only staining/ Only coverslipping
Number of sit es:
27, the operator can set any site to start
10.4 inch color touch control screen, supporting multi-   language operation interface
200 editable programs
Remote control: 
 Receive alarms and monitor status  through web pages,  APPs, and applets

Each program can be set to 100 steps. The reagent jar can be set to "precise", "priority", and "ordinary" three options; You can set The Times of "leaching", "flapping" and "stirring" to be long and timely.