Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) IgM/IgG Antibodies Detection Kit (Latex Chromatography)
* Qualitative detection of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
* Preliminary Screening for Early Infected Patients
* Easy to Use,Instant Result in 15 Minutes

About IgM/IgG
After the new coronavirus first infects humans, it mainly activates B cells and produces specific antibodies. IgM is the earliest antibody that appears in the human body after antigen stimulation, and can be used as an early diagnostic indicator of infectious diseases. IgM usually occurs several days after the virus infection. It can be detected as soon as one week.
Different individuals have differences. A negative result indicates that they are not infected or are in the very early stage of infection or  recovery. IgG is high in blood, can exist for a long time, and is quickly produced when  reinfected. IgG is usually produced within 1-2 weeks of infection. Different individuals will also have differences. A positive result indicates infection or previous infection. A negative result indicates no infection or very early infection. As the new crown virus nvades human society for the first time, almost all people who have not been infected have no antibodies in their blood. As long as the patient's antibody test is positive, it can be judged that the new crown virus is infected.

*Easy  sampling: Serum, plasma, and whole blood are samples, and fingertip blood can be used
*The  core raw material is the highly active 2019-nCoV N protein, which greatly improves the detection  sensitivity
*Easy  to use: easy to operate, the results can be read with the naked eye in 15  minutes
*No  need for specific site and equipment
*Provides  rapid testing for patients with suspected new coronary pneumonia

A comparative study was performed using in vitro diagnostic reagents for testing and nucleic acid detection diagnostic standards to verify the performance of this product. Actually participated in the analysis of more than 2,000 cases. The test results show that the product has a clinical sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 98.50 %. After preliminary evaluation, it is basically confirmed that the clinical performance of the product can meet the emergency needs of the epidemic.

Operation Instructions
1. What samples can be taken for testing?
    You can use fingertip blood (recommended), venous whole blood, serum, plasma; pay attention to disinfect the blood collection site before blood collection.
2. What materials need to be prepared?
    If you use fingertip blood, you need to prepare a disposable blood collection needle,If taking venous whole blood, prepare blood collection tube, and others such as medical cotton / cotton swab, disinfectant, etc.
3. What are the requirements for the environment, instruments, and personnel for testing?
    The general environment is sufficient, no instrument is needed, no professional is needed.
4. Where are the blood samples and dilutions added?
    The blood and diluent to be tested are added to the round sample hole (S), not to the rectangular groove.
5. Write the instructions to take a 20uL whole blood sample and add it to the sample well (S). Is it necessary to take such accurate samples?
    This test is not a quantitative test, so there is no difference in the amount of sample added, but it should not be too small. It is recommended to add a drop of blood to the sample well after sucking blood with a pipette.
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