RMS Slicer
1. Imported stepper motor drive, high precision and stable operation. LCD Chinese and English menu.
2. Sample retraction function for avoiding damage caused by reverse rubbing of the slicing knife. The wax clip and the cassette holder can be quickly interchanged in 5 seconds.
3. Hand wheel can be locked in any position.
4. Easy-to-disassembled waste sink.
5. Safe alarm system.

Section Thickness Range:    0-100μm
Sample Retraction:    12μm
Sample most post-level range:    20mm
Sample most vertical-level range:    60mm
Minimum pitch line:    1μm
Retouch Adjusting Minimum pitch line:    1μm
Section Accuracy:    ±5℅
Maximum sample size:    50×30mm

WBFT Spreading sheeting machine
1. Automatic control program, turned on/off regularly with real-time temperature display.
2. Imported DALLAS temperature-measured integrated block, high precision and more reliable.
3. New heating element, direct collection of operating temperature, triple overheat protection.
4. High-temperature glass heating pot, high light-transmittance, split design, low voltage DC lighting system, horizontal lighting design.
5. Specific black material slope, serrated baking sheet, easy to put and resist, anti-corrosion and anti-wear (50 slides).

Sample-spread Temperature Range:    Room temperature~70℃
Sample-baked Temperature Range:    Room temperature~100℃
Sample-dried Temperature Range:    Room temperature~100℃
Accuracy:    ±2℃
Sample-spread pot size:    210×170×55(mm)
Sample-Baked table size:    250×108(mm)(50slides)