Dehydrator TPS

1. Running two baskets and two procedures at one time to fit different sample size.
2. With ionic air purification and LED touch screen.
3. Increase the time whenever in use, no need to change original procedure.
4. Automatic searching memory and positioning separately by jar.
5. Dry heating of paraffin, no water shortage, corrosion, leakage, safe and reliable.
6. Stop and alarm automatically when get stuck.
7. Each procedure can be modified partially without recoding all.
8. 10+4 reagent jars with automatic shake. Temp:0~99℃
9. Storage for 6 different programs.

Vat No. :14. 10 for regent,4 for paraffin
Bucket No. :2 with 2 programs meanwhile
Volume:1.5L,Contain ≥300 tissue or 120 disposable embedding box
Vat Temperature: 0℃~99℃
Vat left time: 1 min~99 hour 59 min
Storage programs:6 sets
Hanging bucket up left time:30s
Hanging bucket shook in vat:4 times in 10min, blending for better dipping
Power-On Delay set:99h59min for timing ON
Case Size:140×50×55cm