Paraffin Dispensers EMB-02

1. Split design with free combination of embedding machine and cold table.
2. Automatic program for ON/OFF regularly.
3. Imported temperature-measured integrated block from the U.S and PID 7- paths temperature-controlling soft heating element.
4. Double-lawyer protection device when over heating.
5. Multi-partition operation with paraffin-modified and fast cold zone.
6. Memorizing and auto-recovery.
7. Dehydrating baskets split design.
8. Expanded tweezers-storing table, unique diversion trench from paraffin overflow.
9. Universal-tube magnifying glass, low voltage light.

Embedding Machine Parameters
●Electrical safety class I
●Heater temperature setting range: room temperature ~85℃
●Small cold table Temp. range: <-15 ℃
●Heater Temp. range: ± 10℃
●Flow adjustment range: 0 ~ 200mL / min; large flow 0 ~ 380mL / min (customized);
●Automatic operation timing range: any minute within a week.

Cold Tale Parameters
●Pure green digital screen showing actual operating
●Electrical safety class I
●Cold table temperature 20-5℃
●Cold table area: 315 × 380mm