SCT Full –Auto Work station

Innovative SCT
One-station full-automatic operation
Sample putt-in--Desperation--Producing--Staining

SCT Principle
In the same warehouse, with the membrane technology to filter the interfering components e.g. mucus and blood in the specimen, and using the density sedimentation separation technique to separate inflammatory cells. These can be done in one step, and enriched the cells and components with diagnostic value on the adherent slide to prepare a liquid-based cell diagnostic sheet with good morphology, uniform cell distribution and high satisfaction.

1. With TCT regent, ensure 100% cell specimen can be gathered.
2. To prepare round sheet(d=15mm) for diagnosis without overlap and drop.
3. Automatic stain for 1-24 specimen each batch in 10m, totally in 1h.
4. Auto independent stain with free start and diverse methods(e.g. Pap stain, HE and other special stain).Staining solution used disposably to avoid pollution and keep consistency.
5. Nice Repeatability. Each slide can represent the whole specimen.