Non-invasive screening for colorectal cancer
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  • Key technology of bioinformatics thermodynamics
  • Non-invasive, high sensitivity, high specificity
  • Plasma poly methylation site joint test(Fluorescence quantitative PCR technology)

    ·The incidence of colorectal cancer ranks 3rd in the world for malignant tumors
    ·The number of cases in China is increasing year by year, with about 400,000 new cases each year and 7.35 / 100,000 deaths
    ·The proportion of stage I diagnosis and treatment accounts for 15%. The 5-year survival rate of stage I patients can reach more than 90%, while the survival rate of stage IV patients is only slightly greater than 10%.
    ·Early detection and intervention can effectively reduce morbidity and mortality

    ·Test Colorectal Cancer ahead of 5yrs
    ·Sensitivity for testing Advanced adenoma is 70%
    ·Sensitivity for testing early Colorectal Cancer is 93%
    ·Specificity for testing is 90%

    ·Compared to feces detection: shorter time and low cost.
    ·Compared to other products: advanced adenoma and stage I-II colorectal High detection rate and high sensitivity.
    ·Products can be widely used in various common PCR platforms.