Collaboration for Success! Gene Science Forms Strategic Partnership with a US Listed Company

2023-08-09 09:36
On May 9th, 2023, Dr. Geva, the Chairman of a US-listed company, visited our company for inspection. Gene Science 's Chairman, Zhang Feng, warmly welcomed Dr. Geva and his delegation. They were accompanied by Dr. Chen, a strategic investor of the company. During the visit, Dr. Geva and his team were given a tour of our research and development center, operations center, and production facilities.

Chairman Zhang introduced Gene Science 's research, production, and operational status. Gene Science is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of comprehensive pathology solutions in the industry. Their services encompass molecular pathology, immunohistochemistry, routine pathology, medical diagnostics, genetic testing, and more. The company has received angel investment from renowned investment institutions. The team is led by overseas PhD graduates from well-known universities in the United States, and the founders consist of diverse talents with years of experience in equipment development, reagent research and development, production, and sales, providing a rich background in the medical device field. Additionally, the company places great importance on the longstanding cooperative relationship with the visiting party. Dr. Geva's overseas visit and on-site interaction serve to facilitate long-term collaboration and development between both parties.

Dr. Geva introduced his company as a next-generation mobile health (MHealth) and digital health company. They specialize in developing and selling clinical and consumer-grade medical health monitoring solutions. Their expertise extends to providing end-to-end support for digital health projects and project management. With a wealth of experience in the digital health and project management fields, their focus lies in empowering caregivers and patients to better monitor, manage, and enhance clinical and personal health outcomes, ultimately raising the standards of healthcare. Dr. Geva expressed that although they hadn't met in person before, there has been consistent and positive communication between the two parties. He acknowledged Gene Science 's professional operations and high-quality products and expressed his utmost delight in the meeting.

Both parties look forward to further enhancing communication and collaboration in the future. With a foundation of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, we aim to drive the scaled operation of the existing promoted products. This collaborative effort is expected to pave the way for new strategic partnerships and development opportunities for both parties.